TEN THOUSAND: Great Shorts, but the Shirts Need Work


Let's start with one of my favorite things about TEN THOUSAND, Their Moto - Better Than Yesterday.  The following is quoted from their website:

"Better Than Yesterday is a manifesto we live by at Ten Thousand. Whether that’s looking for how we can take our gear to the next level, staying up-to-date on the latest performance fabrics, or simply getting our products out to you faster, we’re improving and growing every day. In fact, the only thing that will never change is our commitment to total transparency and improvement. We’ll continue to share each part of our journey, and only ask for your honest feedback in return. Together we’ll keep improving and chasing down what’s just out of reach, for the moment."

I appreciate the mindset that Ten Thousand has taken in creating High Quality Men's Athletic Clothing.  No person or company is perfect, but Ten Thousand admits they are motivated to constantly improve their product in the search for perfection.  As a result, some of Ten Thousand's Gear has already received high praise for being a relative new comer to the market.  Their interval shorts appeared on the Men's Health: Best New Fitness Gear of 2017.  So as I began to shop on their website, my expectations were set pretty high.  


I ended up purchasing 2 pairs of Shorts: The Foundation Short and The Interval Short; and 2 Workout Shirts: The Essential Shirt and The Interval Shirt.  These clothes are definitely on the pricey side; individual shirt and shorts start at $58.  Shorts can be as much as $68 if you choose to have a liner.  I personally chose the liner option on both shorts because of the convenience of not worrying about underwear.  I'll also mention that first time buyers can get a 10 percent offer code which usually comes up while you're shopping online.  


And so, with 2 shirts and 2 shorts in my possession, I performed my review over 3 workouts of varying intensity.  I treated them like I did all my other workout clothes, and followed the clothing labels when washing.  I'm not going to get into the materials of the clothing, for that refer to Ten Thousand's website which outlines all the materials used for each product.  

Here are the Results..

Love These Shorts!


The shorts fit really well! of the two, I probably prefer the interval short because the foundation short has some velcro on it that reminds me a bit of swimming trunks.  I felt very secure in each one, the lining provides a good bit of compression and I didn't have issues with it creeping up during workouts with intense leg movements.  Although one is created for interval type workouts and the other for Strength Workouts, both seem to work well in a variety of situations.  


Both shorts have pockets, and the foundation short has a few hidden pockets for keys and other knick knacks.  The materials feel light, even after an hour of intense workout and sweat.  The shorts keep its form and shape under pressure.  During this review, I wore and washed the shorts 3 times, odor retention after each workout wasn't even noticeable.  I would definitely recommend the shorts to anyone looking for a high-quality and versatile pair of workout shorts.  

 The Shirts Need Work.


I'm nearly 6'0 feet tall and 185 pounds. I typically wear a medium shirt size, so that's what I went with here.  I was comfortable in both shirts, and both seem to fit okay in the shoulders.  I like how the bottom of both shirts are tapered for a more slim fit look.  On the flip side, the interval shirt at its regular length is too short for me. I'm not sure if other guys have this problem, but I feel like my torso is 2-3 inches too long for the “Medium” size fit from most clothing companies.  Luckily, Ten Thousand offers an "Extra Long" option for their shirts, which I selected for the essential shirt.  I stuck with the normal sized medium for the interval shirt, and as you can see, I get some MAJOR midriff when my arms come overhead. I would highly suggest getting the "Extra Long" Option for guys who have had this problem with other clothing in the past or consider going a size up.  


Aside from the length problems I had with the interval shirt, it performed well during my morning Met45 HIIT Class at Evolve. The shirt feels light even with my heavy sweating during the workout. The material does well to wick moisture away, and maintains it’s anti-odor function even after a few washes.  It's definitely a form fitted shirt, but it didn't restrict my movements at all.  I think I might have done better with a large in this shirt as I look back at pictures.  The sleeves and shoulders also make it look like I'm wearing a size too small.  


To be honest, I was less impressed with the essential shirt.  The length and the fit was decent, I didn't have the midriff problem previously mentioned since I went with the extra long option.  After a few washes, the essential shirt also holds true to its anti-odor claim, and does okay at wickening my sweat.  However, the material felt way different compared to the interval shirt. To be perfectly blunt, this shirt did not feel like a high quality workout shirt for which I paid a hefty premium.  I feel like I could find a shirt with a similar feel and fit at Target or any random department store for a fraction of the price. Another thing I noticed was the bacon collar I experienced after a few washes of this shirt.  Now I could have ironed this shirt, but I typically don’t iron my workout clothes.  It doesn’t really show up in the photos, but the collar and bottom of the shirt curled up, and required ironing to bring it back to its normal shape.  In short, I would expect a $58 workout shirt to feel like a premium shirt, and to be less maintenance.




Let me make this simple: Try the Shorts, Wait on the Shirts.  I've been following Ten Thousand for a while and I really admire their willingness to try new things to constantly improve their product.  They've really got something special going with their shorts, but their shirts just aren't on the same level yet in my opinion.  I'll be on the look out for any improvements they plan to make to their tops in the future, but until then..give their shorts a try!