Dear DFITJUNKIE, Happy Birthday..


Dear DFitJunkie,

Happy Birthday!  I am so proud of you! You have gone on to accomplish so many great things that were once only dreams or thoughts in your head when you started this journey just a few years ago.  Sure you've been through some low points, dealt with some injuries and stress along the way, but let me remind are better for it all.  Let's quickly cover some of your accomplishments shall we? 


First of all, be proud of the content you've created.  Whether it's through this blog, on facebook or IG, on Youtube or iTunes, you have turned so many of your ideas into reality.  Did you know this post is your 51st blog post on the DFITJUNKIE Blog? In the beginning, you didn't even think that you would get past 10 posts! Sure consistency has been a problem at times, and you didn't post every week, but you kept at it.  Writing is not your favorite activity and yet you continued to share your story throughout the last few years.  This year, you created your very own podcast, and at least a few people actually listen to it!  Friends, family, and strangers are all following your journey.  What you are doing on social media matters and is gaining in popularity. Sometimes it's hard to figure out how to measure success on social media, and it's easy for one negative comment or experience to dominate your perspective on all of your efforts.  The truth is, what you are doing is providing more good than you know. Keep. It. Going.


Second, lets talk about your role as a fitness influencer.  Yes..YOU are a Fitness Influencer.  You don't have to have a massive following on social media to call yourself an influencer.  Just look at the people around you.  In the past few years, you've raise money for various charities through fitness and you've introduce people to new forms of exercise and nutrition.  You've experimented and documented various forms of the fitness lifestyle.  You've learned how to be a podcaster, and a photographer, and a videographer..skills you now possess because of your role as a Fitness Influencer.  You've partnered with Gyms and other influencers to create something out of nothing.  You are doing more with your fitness beyond physically just staying in shape.  You are inspiring people to become better versions of themselves.   


And finally, just take a look at yourself.  Through it all, you have improved your own fitness.  You may not be as physically fit as you'd like to be, but then again, you've realized that physical fitness is only part of the equation.   Mentally and emotionally, you have made leaps and bounds of progress as a result of this journey.  You are a more focused and motivated person and those gains have affected all aspects of your life for the better.  You're the type of person who is always looking forward, but take some time to look back and acknowledge how far you've come.  You have ran a marathon, a Spartan Ultrabeast, placed in the top 5 percent of the Stadium Sprint, and set new personal bests in the gym, and so much more.  You've done all this despite a horrible car accident, reoccurring injuries, and stress of everyday life.  That's the crazy thing, this is just one part of your life! You've managed a full time job, married the love of your life, made huge adult decisions, all the while keeping up with your fitness and the name of DFITJUNKIE.  


So remember, you have so much to celebrate and be thankful for on your birthday.  Be proud of the fact that you chose not to go through life settling for the status quo.  You have done things..correction, you are doing things that matter.  Keep pushing forward, keep expanding your horizons in all directions.  You may not always be where you want to be in life, but the pursuit of that better self is important sharing that pursuit is inspiring to more than you know.  Congratulations on all that you have achieved, keep doing what you're doing, continue to pursue that which makes you better than yesterday, and have a very Happy Birthday DFITJUNKIE!