No Burpees For Me at the Spartan Race Dallas Stadium Sprint 2018


Trust me, this never happens..

Five years after running my very first Spartan Race, I finally finished my first Spartan Race without incurring the dreaded burpee penalty.  I am so freakin proud of myself for this accomplishment! 

With the Spartan Race, the stakes for not completing an obstacle during the race are high.  If you fail any obstacle, you owe 30 burpees (or 15 burpees for Stadium Sprints, a change we didn't know about until we finished the race).  I love and hate this at the same time.  For those who are trying for a competitive time or a personal best, you have to consider the consequences of possibly failing an obstacle and how that will affect your race.  It really messes with your head.  In past races, I've failed many obstacles without giving my best effort because I thought burpees were inevitable.  

I knew that this mindset would never allow me to reach my full potential when it comes to Spartan Races or any OCR race.  OCR racing is as much a mental sport as it is a physical sport.  So I recognized two things I needed to accomplish prior to the Stadium Sprint.  First, I knew that I had to dedicate time to training for specific obstacles.  Obstacles like the Ring Monkey Bars and the Spear Throw ( must throw a spear and hit a target during a Spartan Race) always gave me trouble in previous races. Second, I knew that I couldn't trust myself to complete this training alone.  I needed something or someone to hold me accountable.  


So I found myself a team! I am so thankful that my family from Evolve Gym are as enthusiastic and competitive as I am about all things fitness.  While Derrick and I are veterans of the Spartan Race Series, the rest of the team seen above were completing their first ever Spartan Race.  Because of them, I had to take my training seriously and tailor it specifically to the Spartan Race.  We had weekly practice for a month leading up to the race that focused on the obstacles we would see in a Stadium Sprint.  I even bought myself a Spear so we could practice the obstacle most likely to cause burpees during any of the Spartan Races.  By joining this team, I was held accountable for my training AND I had a reason to tailor my training specifically to the Spartan Race. 

Despite all the training, when it came to Raceday I still had my doubts.  Throughout my training, I forced myself and the team to practice sets of burpees between high intensity intervals so I was prepared to do the burpees I had to do in previous races.  So I had to remind myself that I was prepared to complete EVERY obstacle the race could throw at me. I put in the time and the effort; the race is the easy part.  It was simply a matter of doing what I have been doing in training for the last month.  


So as you know, I finished the race without having to complete ANY burpees.  This was my third time completing the Dallas Stadium Sprint, and it was my fastest time to date.  To be honest, my aerobic capacity was not the best.  In the future I think I could shave more time if I practice running stairs more often.  But you know what, I'm still proud of this race and I'm proud of my team! Each one of them smashed it out there! More importantly, after the race we were already talking about WHEN we do our next Spartan Race.  I was happy to see my mates become hooked on Spartan Races..just like me.  On to the next one!