The MAD FIT Podcast is Here!


Last week, Madison Abboud and I finally released the first episode of the MAD FIT Podcast!  The fact I can say that, and to have people already tell us they've enjoyed our first show, especially considering all that Madison and I have been through in getting to this point, I view it as a tremendous accomplishment.

Nearly a year ago, Madison and I talked about creating a podcast about fitness and nutrition.  We didn't have any experience creating a podcast, we didn't really have much formal experience talking about the subject in general.  I've been a fitness enthusiast for the longest time, partaking in all sorts of new fitness trends and challenges, but I've never really talked about it in this format.  As an owner of EVOLVE Gym in Dallas,  Madison has served as a consultant on nutrition for several years, but neither has she ever sat in front of a microphone, and answered off the wall questions about nutrition let alone other off the wall questions I started asking her in the beginning.  We both went into this project blind, learning as we go, with one thing in common: we were both determined to make it work. 


Several months later and many many trial and errors later, we released our first episode .  Although the build up to this point was challenging, the process helped us form a more concrete idea of what our show is all about.  


The MAD FIT Podcast is about fitness as a life style.  We want to approach the common fitness-related topics of exercise and nutrition from our perspective, two people who love being fit but aren't experts or professional athletes.  Madison and I are people who are always trying to improve our fitness, but make frequent mistakes that hinder our progress like most people we know who aren't professionals in the industry.  Fitness for us isn't just something we practice for an hour a day at the gym, or with 2 out of 3 meals to ensure proper nutrition; Fitness for us is a lifestyle in many ways.  We want to use our podcast to explore fitness as a culture, and interview people and each other on all areas of this ever-changing lifestyle.  Diet trends, exercise routines, the habits of elite athletes, the struggles of loosing weight, strength versus mobility, fitness clothing and athleisure, natural versus synthetic health foods, protein versus carbs versus fats...Madison and I want to talk about it all.  


I've been giving some thought to what we want our audience to get out of our podcast.  Madison and I each come from a unique perspective and we don't always see eye to eye in our discussions.  But the first thing we want people to take away is becoming comfortable about having these types of conversations.  We want everyone to improve their fitness in some way shape or form.  Sometimes the hardest part is simply talking about what you want to accomplish, and acknowledging the challenges that stand in the way of your goal.  A lot of our episodes are going to involve Madison and I continuing this conversation, periodically checking in and holding each other accountable to make forward progress.  However, these conversations are also about getting over the challenges, letting go of failed attempts at a Spartan Race or sticking to a nutrition routine, and moving forward toward our ultimate goals.  


As you can see in our pictures, Madison and I don't plan to be your typical hosts talking about fitness. We want to share what our lives are really like and talk with people as two newbies hoping to learn more about fitness.  We also want to talk about what our friends are talking about.  We want the MAD FIT Podcast to serve as a platform for learning as well as conversation about all things fitness.  Please comment below what you'd like for us to talk about on future episodes of the MAD FIT Podcast.  You can also find and subscribe to our podcast on ITUNES.  


Can't wait to see where this new endeavor takes me.  Thank you to Madison and the Evolve Gym for lending us the space to make this dream a reality.  Here. We. Go!!

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