Losing My Mind On the Road

Forgive me for the next few minutes while I use this platform to vent.  I was given a tremendous opportunity to gain some valuable experience at work, but it required 2 months of travel from home.  I tried to keep a level head about it, but I need an outlet. Let me tell you why. 


Every week, a new hotel room, a readjustment period, the definition of insanity. I feel like I’ve been stuck in a loop, doing the same thing week after week which isn’t a bad thing in itself, but when that loop consists of driving several hours, staying in unfamiliar places, all while learning a very different job with new challenges..I just wanted it all to stop.  Throw in the fact I’m less than two months away from getting married..I feel so guilty as Jess has been carrying the majority of stress related to planning our wedding. I tried desperately to make up for my absence by traveling back to Dallas on the weekends, but it just hasn’t been enough.


And so, i was caught in a loop comprised of hotel hallways like the one below.  Despite staying at 5 different hotels over the last few months, the view is the same.  The endlessly plain vanilla hallway is a staple of all hotels.  With daily views like this, its easy to loose your mind.  


Another thing I can't figure out are why Hotel Exercise Rooms are so CRAPPY! The next few pictures are from the Double Tree Arboretum in Austin.  Of all the hotels I stayed at, this hotel had the best exercise equipment..a few treadmills, a universal cable machine, and some dumbbells. thats all it took to place first of all the Hilton hotels I frequented during this trip.  Why don't hotels invest more into their fitness facilities! As someone who wants to be active on the road, I would gladly stay at a hotel with better gym equipment compared to others that just have the same busted treadmill that is constantly out of order. Or here’s a thought, hotels should partner with local gyms to offer free access to guest during their stay. Hotels can get rid of their crappy equipment, and use the space for something else while catering to the fitness needs of their guests in a better way.


One thing I realized during this time is that I need a lot more rest when I travel.  When I'm at home, its easy for me to get in a daily workout, even two on some days.  But driving a few hours at the end of each week and sleeping in a strange new bed with pillows that are either too hard or too soft has really taken its toll on my body.  I haven't felt 100 percent in a long time, and my workouts do not feel as rewarding as I remember.  Maybe this is just me getting older, but I cannot wait until I make it to my own bed on a regular basis.


To make matters worse, the weather in Austin has been cloudy most of the last few months.  I could never live in Seattle, because all it takes a few consecutive days of grey skies and I was losing my S@#! I can't imagine living in a city where this kind of weather is the norm.  I can't wait for the warm, almost brutal Texas sun to return this spring. 


And that’s it. I’m done being negative. Despite how it seems, I enjoyed my time in Austin in a lot of ways. Great food, great running trails, great people. The constant travel just really got to me these last few weeks, and I happy to return to my regularly scheduled program back home in Dallas. Starting next week, it’s time to refocus and get back to a healthier mindset.


Thanks for listening to my Babel. This blog is cathartic and I have you all to thank for that!