What Did I Accomplish in 2018?

I’ve been watching, reading, and listening to a lot of inspirational content lately on just about every platform. Examples include Gary Vee Speeches about why if you’re not successful in 2018, you suck..or the new David Goggin’s Book that teaches you to Callous your mind, and that you are only using 40% of your potential, and that if you truly wanted to achieve something, you can almost will yourself to do it. I listened to Rich Dad, Poor Dad on audio book. What that book taught me is that I am stuck in the rat race with everyone else, and that I need to learn how to invest in real estate and stocks ASAP if I want to find true financial freedom. Then I scroll through instagram and Facebook, realize that all my friends are doing cool shit, making their dreams come true. It could be starting a family, getting a promotion at work, or starting a new life that entails all the adventure one could ask for.

Lately, all of this content I’ve been consuming has had one common effect on me. It all makes me ask the question, What did I even accomplish this year?

If I’m being honest, and perhaps a bit too hard on myself, my first response is that I don’t exactly know. But given a few minutes, and I come up with a HUGE list of things that I’ve achieved in 2018.

First of all, I married the love of my life; that’s pretty hard to top not to mention we followed it up with an extraordinary Honeymoon in Europe. My biggest takeaway from the honeymoon was that I planned to logistics. Jess let me coordinate all 7 flights, 2 train rides, 6 hotel stays, all overseas within a 2.5 week time period. That was a BIG DEAL for both of us. It showed me I had the capability to be a detailed planner if I focused, and it showed a significant leap of faith and trust that Jess had in me.

Before all of that, I started the year by completing more burpees than I ever imagined doing. The inaugural sugar burpee challenge graciously provided me the opportunity to do 882 burpees while also learning that I consume a lot of added sugary foods during the holidays. Unfortunately, it also revealed a constant flaw of mine, GOING TOO HARD IN TRAINING. I wasn’t able to partake in the Austin Marathon because my stupid ass decided to run a 10k the next day after doing all those damn burpees. I pulled a calf muscle 6 weeks before the marathon and was unable to run for the next 8 weeks.

There was a lot of that last year, plans that went incomplete and goals that remain unaccomplished despite having the belief and ability to accomplish them. Gainsgiving 2018 didn’t happen, an event I created to motivate people to workout just before Thanksgiving in a competitive fitness format. I signed up for the Camp Gladiator Games hoping to compete in CG Finals which is a unique event I’d never heard of despite its popularity here in Texas. Then I got hurt again, this time a pulled neck muscle kept me out for a month and I missed the initial tryouts. In 2018, I didn’t set any personal bests, I didn’t break any milestones or do anything physically that is new or pushed me to new and exciting limits. And when I think of all of this, I get really down on myself for not pushing more or working harder.

But then I think about everything else I did in 2018, it was another successful year as a Dallas Fitness Ambassador, I made more connections with fitness influencers and cool people in Dallas doing cool things! I learned a bunch of new skills that include producing and cohosting a podcast, taking and editing pictures, and how to maintain a blog. This thing, this blog thing, has been a struggle for me. I don’t particularly enjoy putting to words my thoughts and ideas and feelings and stuff. But at the same time, this has been a practice in something I don’t like, which is also a common theme in David Goggin’s Book. It’s about the belief of making your weaknesses your strengths. If you are bad at something, or if you don’t enjoy doing it but you see the benefit of it, make it your strength. I wouldn’t call blogging a strength of mine yet, but that is yet another reason for me to keep this going into the future. I’ve listed all the reasons why I started this blog in the first place in my very first post, which I encourage you to visit if you are curious…

In 2018, I helped motivate others to participate in running, specifically my buddies who attended the 5K on my bachelor party (THE BEST BACHELOR PARTY EVAHHHHH!!!). I participated and organized competitive teams within my fitness family that showed how bad ass we are in the Dallas Stadium Sprint, CG Games, and Everyday People’s Combine. I supported my fellow Fitness Ambassadors who raise money for awesome causes and provided awesome fitness events in the name of something bigger than themselves. I ran a few races, kept up my fitness, and now I close out the year in pretty good shape.

But back to my initial question: What did I accomplish in 2018? The answer usually comes in that order. First I think about all the things I didn’t accomplish, and often times that overshadows everything that I did accomplish. Aside from my marriage, everything else positive that I’ve achieved this last year gets drowned out my negativity and envy of others I see in the world who are seemingly accomplishing everything they set out to do in life. I know that isn’t the reality, 99% of us out there all struggle in something. We are all on the hustle in some way, but we tend not to show it. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in dealing with self doubt.

That will be my biggest challenge I plan to deal with going in to 2019, dealing with self doubt. Again, I have a lot planned for next year that will be discussed on this blog and on my podcast. Some of it will challenge me in ways I’ve not yet experienced. Sharing it will be a struggle, because admitting it out load makes it real and may only amplify the doubt, but that’s another one of David Goggin’s lessons: The Accountability Mirror. In his book (The title of which is Can’t Hurt Me if you are curious) he suggests writing all your truths on a mirror to remind you each and every time you look in the mirror. The idea is to accept the realities in your life, because if you want to change any of it, you have to make yourself accountable for that truth. There is no use in denying it to yourself, because how can you change anything if you deny it doesn’t exist.

So here go, I am honestly scared of some of the things coming in 2019. It’s going to be a big year for me, a lot of growth will come one way or another. But admitting this at least to myself is perhaps the first step I need to take to accomplish everything I want to do next year. Either way, it should be one hell of a journey..Stay Tuned.

And so with that, Happy New Year, and may 2019 bring you new and exciting opportunities to succeed, fail, and grow in all ways. Just remember, you are NOT alone in the hustle. Keep grinding.