I Tried Out For The Olympics

With the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea are less than 2 years away, and the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan, 24 Hour Fitness and the USA Olympic Committee teamed together to host open tryouts for the next winter and summer games.  Turns out, the USA Team is in need of talent to compete in the following sports:


The funny thing is, I really didn't plan to tryout until I walked in to my local 24 Fitness on the morning of the tryouts for a regular gym session.  When I saw that they still had some openings, I thought why the heck not? And so, for you're viewing pleasure, behold my humbling experience of trying out for the  Olympic Games. 

The tryouts consisted of 6 tests: 10 Meter Sprint, 30 Meter Sprint, Verticle Jump, Horizontal Jump, Underhand Weighted Ball Toss (15 lbs), and a 30 second sprint on a power output bike.  For each of the tests we were allowed 3 attempts.  Unfortunately, the day of the tryouts the 30 M Sprint was unavailable due to rain.  We could start with any event, and I chose to kick things off with the 30 second sprint on the power bike. Bad idea.  This was by far the test that hurts the most.  Sure, 30 seconds doesn't sounds like a long time, but the test is looking for two things: Max power output and average power output.  So you have to go all, out, period.  Right before I started one of the trainers was telling me about her nephew who was a collegiate cyclist, and that his max power was around 1350 watts.  My max? 980 with an average of 508.  Then they divide your output by your body weight to get my final score.  Needlesstosay after my first test, I didn't think I was doing too well.  To make things even worse, my legs felt like Jello going in to the...


 Verticle Jump.  I know right? What was I thinking! It wasn't more than two minutes later that I decided to do the next most challenging test for me after turning my legs into mush.  To measure my verticle jump, they measured the overhead reach of one arm, and set the verticle stick accordingly.  No extra steps were allowed, I just had to jump straight up without forward momentum. Well there are no suprises here, but I did improve with each of my 3 attempts.  I went from 23 inches, to 24 inches, to a final 25 inch verticle.  At least I showed progress 😅. 


 The hortizontal jump and the 10 meter sprint went fine I guess. Not sure how I compared to the other athletes that day, but my best sprint time was 1.75 seconds.  My best standing broad jump distance was 2.50 meters.  I found the 5th and final test to be the most amusing, the weighted ball toss.  The objective of this test was simple, throw the ball underhanded as far as you can.  Although we are using a light-weighted ball at 15 lbs, the movement was awkward.  We had to start in one place before we tossed, but we could fall forward once the ball was released.  So I thought If I just fell forward with everything I had it would help with my distance.  Result? not so much.  But it did make for good video.  My longest throw was 12 meters, which apparently is about half the distance of a basketball court.



Well I'm sad to say that it looks like I won't be going to the Olympics any time soon.  I was also suppose to conduct the 30 Meter sprint on my own within 24 hours but I didn't really have the means or another person to document this final test.  Besides that I knew my scores weren't anything extraordinary. However, I think I could have approached my Olympic tryouts in a better way.  For starters, save the 30 second sprint for the last event! Also, take your time recovering between events.  Trying to jump as high as you can just a few minutes after a 30 second cycle sprint is dumb.  Overall, this was both fun and humbling at the same time.  I found out some weaknesses I need to work on, and I can't wait until the next Olympic trials.  Thank you to all the 24 Hour Fitness Staff who help document my trials.  You guys are awesome!