DFitJunkie June Playlist

Summer time is officially here! Time to relax with some mellow bars along with some old school bangers guaranteed to get you hype while on your morning run or during that last set in the gym.  I apologize for my last playlist, which may have been private when you searched for it. So, I've made sure this month's playlist is public.  Another thing to keep in min is that my playlists usually include explicit music.  This month's track list is no exception.  I've got a mix of laid back hip hop and dance music here, with a bit of rock thrown in for extra flavor.  Here are a few highlighted selections:


 All Night (feat. Knox Fortune) - Chance The Rapper

Chance is becoming one of my favorite rappers.   The music he makes is a combination of dance music and old school beats that really compliments his unique flow.  My shoulders can't help but move up and down to the beat of this track, whether I'm at home in my PJs, or sitting at the bench press at 24 Fitness.   



Summer - Marshmello

I mean c'mon, the title itself requires consideration for this month.  Marshmellow is quickly becoming a favorite among the EDM scene.  All of his tracks, this one included, are great for spin workouts.  




Feel So Good - Mase

The incredible stylings of the short-lived genius that is Mase remains a great hype track especially for the summer time, even 15+ years later. 






Run - Foo Fighters

Whenever I think of Foo Fighters, I think of one of my favorite Trainers on the Dallas Scene, Sharif Abboud.  Every spin class he led had at least one high octane thrasher from the Foos which usually produced the fastest sprint of the 45 minute session.  Their new single Run starts of slow, but provides a nice built to a frenetic pace perfect for that all out push on the bike.  This sound would also make a great HIIT soundtrack for you interval workout fiends.   


Mask Off Remix (feat. Kendrick Lamar) - Future

My favorite track so far this summer!  Something about the chorus combined with the old school flute melody gets my mind right during my warm up for a heavy lift session.  Combine that with a few bars from one of my favorites Mr. Lamar, and presto! You've got your self a hit sure to get you hyped for any type of workout session.