The Wounded Warriors Half Marathon


It has been nearly 5 years since my last half marathon. So when a few of my friends invited me to participate in this year's Wounded Warriors Half Marathon in Irving Texas,  I jumped at the chance. Here are a few things that I learned about my self and the Wounded Warriors Half Marathon. 


One of the reasons why I run half marathon's or full marathons is for the  pre-race convention. Before each half marathon  or marathon, there is usually a vendors convention where race participants can pick up their race packets can visit vendor booths that sponsor the race. Sometimes these vendors provide free samples free gift certificates and discounts on their products.  As you can see in the picture to the left The Wounded Warrior Race convention provided a good amount of swag.  I got a performance race shirt, a running fanny pack, a few drinks, and some coupons.   I highly recommend taking at least an hour or two to spend at the convention if you decide to run for next years race. 



 The course for the half marathon wasn't too bad, meaning there wasn't that many uphills.  The course itself runs up and down the Trinity River and finishes near downtown.  The only complaint I had about the courses that the first and last section, which are the same sections, the race finishes in a wide open field near the Irving Convention Center in Las Colinas. We finished the race against the wind, making difficult to really build up speed and finish the race with a nice kick. What I'm talking about here is a pretty small complaint in the grand scheme of the race experience. Overall, I enjoyed the course.





 Although the course design was ideal, the fact that we were running in the middle of summer in the state of Texas made running a fast time pretty rough for me. The race began at 6:45 in the morning and the weather wasn't too bad at the beginning of the race during this time. However by mile 4, the sun was out in the Texas heat was in full affect. Normally I don't get too dehydrated when running This distance, but I found myself by mile 11 sweating less and really feeling the affects of the heat.  If you decide to run this race, I would fully take advantage of every water station to make sure you stay properly hydrated.  Luckily the race organizers provided numerous stations at pivotal moments throughout the course. It was dumb of me to skip the first and second stations.  Hydrate before you need it.   


If I had one complaint about this race in general, it would be the race photography pricing.  As you can see from the large graffiti running across the previous pictures, the race outsourced its photography to a third party who was charging an OBSCENE amount just to download a picture in the original format.  I get it, they should be paid for their work.  But this business was charging a lot of money per picture, when other races I've completed charge a one-time fee to download all available pictures.  Oh well, a small negative in what was otherwise a great race experience.  Thanks again and congrats to the running crew (Rico and Derrick) for completing another race in style.  Until the next one!