My UltraBeast and Marathon Training Plan


This picture says it all.  My Austin Marathon earlier this year was an eye-opening experience.  I was not as prepared as I should have been and I suffered physically and mentally as a result.  As of today, I've already committed to both the Dallas Marathon and UltraBeast later this year, and this time I've decided to actually put together a plan..


After a few hours of research, several mishaps using apple's version of excel (Numbers..of which I am NOT a fan) and two coffee's later my training plan for the Dallas Ultra Beast and Marathon is complete.  Well, at least the running plan is done..I haven't really thought about the strength workouts yet. That was hard enough! We are 25 weeks out from the UltraBeast, and over 30 from the Dallas Marathon.  You would think that having MORE time to train would be a good thing. Don't get me wrong, time is luxury I am lucky to enjoy at the moment but putting a 25 week training plan together is BRUTAL.  Let me tell you why.. 

 FIRST after all my research about marathon training plans, I've come to realize something..I couldn't find ONE training plan that started more than 18 weeks before a race.  You would think the internet would be filled with all sorts of plans with all sorts of time frames and sure, I found 16 week training plans, 12 week plans, even plans for month-to-month marathoners.  But I didn't find a single plan (granted I wasn't willing to pay for any routines during this search) that fit the time frame I needed to fill.     


So I ended up using a modified version of an 18 week marathon plan, kept that specific time frame, and began thinking about what to do with the first 6-7 weeks of this training season.  I decided to use this time to focus on SPEED. I googled what it takes to "help me go FAST during a marathon" and websites suggesting interval training and Fartlek runs popped up.  Supposedly, adding runs where you run fast then walk/slow jog and repeat several times helps you build speed in long runs.  Honestly I've never done much speed training so if anything these next few weeks will be something new and a challenge. I'd rather enjoy a long, leisurely trout over 10 miles than to perform 10 by 400 meter all out sprints.  But hey, its all about progression right? 


After it was all said in done, I had my training plan.  25 weeks of running, the first 7 weeks specifically designed to enhance my speed, and the next 18 weeks to build up my endurance.  The frame work of these plans were based on free ones available on the internet.  For the Marathon training, I started with Hal Hagdon's advanced 1 marathon training schedule, but modified a few of the run days for run/cycle days.  I changed this because I running more than 4 days a week is too much for my joints.  So I opted for less impact endurance training on these light days with cycling.  The speed program is a hodge-Podge of different experts talking about how to increase speed.   


Week 1 begins with benchmark tests in 5k and 10k.  I ran my fastest 5k ever at the Cinco de Mile Race in Dallas, Texas about 3 years ago, finishing in 20 minutes, 39 seconds. That's a bit over a 6:40/mile I averaged during that race.  I am no longer in that kind of running shape.  My benchmark 5k was finished in 22 minutes, 16 seconds for an average pace of 7:12/mile.  I've got a long way to get back to where I was.  Hopefully this plan I've thrown together will help! Maybe I should layoff the peanut butter as well...nahh it's tooooo good!!! Especially with Oatmeal, try it if you have no idea what I'm talking about. You won't regret it 😉 Let me know what you think of my training plan, leave a comment below!

Thanks for Reading! 


20 Week Spartan Race Ultra Beast Running Plan

20 Week Spartan Race Ultra Beast Running Plan