My Workout Playlist for May

I love listening to music while working out.  Since the invention of the internet and MP3s, I would spend hours finding the best music to get me pumped during a run, hyped playing basketball, or help me get through that last rep of a lift session.  Thanks to Spotify, I can now create my own playlists and I want to share them with you! My taste in music is eclectic; ranging in songs from both my past and present.  There's something for everyone in this playlist which is titled: DFitJunkie May Playlist.  My plan is to make a new playlist each month and highlight a few songs in my blog.  Leave a comment on this post about songs you would like to be added to next month's playlist!  I've picked about 16 songs so far, here are 5 of my favorites..


Show Me Love - Sam Feldt 

This song takes me back to my time at Ultra Music Festival in Miami Florida.  For those who are interested in EDM Festivals, Ultra is up there with EDC in Vegas for me. This song has both a great hook and a chill tempo compared to other EDM songs out there. This is a great summer track perfect for starting a morning weekend run outside, or for hill repeats on a spin bike at your local gym.  


Lose Yourself - Eminem 

You may not have seen the movie, and you may not like his music.  But one thing is undeniable, THIS SONG IS EPIC AS !@#$.  I like to think of this song as my generation's "Eye of the Tiger".  This song is the reason why I start a lot of my races, from 5k's to marathons, wayyyyyyy too fast haha.  Eminem's bars paired with that simple yet effective guitar riff is enough to start anyone's workout or race at 💯.


Despacito Remix - Luis Fonsi/Daddy Yankee/Justin Bieber  

Fast and Furious 8 in the house!!!! Yeah yeah I added this song because of my affinity for the Fast & Furious Franchise but can you blame me? These movies have been one of few constants in my life ever since middle school! Besides, there's something about this song that just makes you want to move.  These chill Latin vibes are perfect for a cool down as you get that final stretch and before preparing for the after workout festivities. 


Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World  

In middle school, I went through a rock phase.  Maybe I'm bias now that I'm older, but I like songs during that time of my better than anything I've heard lately in the genre.  Jimmy Eat World is just one of several bands in constant rotation.  This song is great for tabata intervals on the spin bike, or for any all out 3-minute activity planned for your workout!



No Promises - Cheat Codes feat: Demi Lovato

This song came out a little while ago and I can't stop playing over and over again in my head.  Like other EDM songs, the hook is catch as hell and the beat rides that laid-back dance music feel that is perfect for warm-up karaoke before your first set.  And when that beat drops? You can't help but move!   

Let me know what songs you think should be on my next workout playlist! Thanks for reading! 😁👍👊