Asian Olympics and the road to San Diego.


This last weekend, the infamous Asian basketball team Public Enemy won the 2017 Asian Olympics hosted by the University of Texas Arlington in Arlington, Texas. This tournament was comprised of teams competing from all over the Midwest.  Public Enemy is a team known through the Asian Basketball World. Having won numerous tournaments on both the East and West Coast and throughout the Midwest over the years, this year's AO championship didn't surprise anyone. 


I have the pleasure of playing with several different Asian basketball teams, and while I enjoy each experience differently, what sets playing with PE apart from the rest can be described in one word: Chemestry.  


For those who are familiar with members of Public Enemy, some might say that the collection of individual talent is the primary force behind the team's success. No doubt, I have never played with a group more individually talented than Public Enemy. But over the years, I say that it's the team's chemistry that has produced so many championships over the last decade.  More on that in a later post, so what about Asian Oympics?


Asian Olympics this year was pretty competitive, as we struggled early on starting games with sluggish defense in the playoff games right up to the finals. It has been a while since PE has played together, so we definitely improved through the tournament as we found our rhythm. It was great winning the tournament, but our main goal was to use this tournament as a practice for our tournament this weekend in San Diego.


This will be my first tournament in California and I honestly don't know what to expect. I'm sure the competition will be strong, seeing as the Asian community is more prevalent on the west coast than anywhere else.  But I feel confident because I'm running with a team that is not only successful, but maintains success because of the trust each player shows in each other, and the team overall. 


I cannot wait to show San Diego, California, and the west coast what we can do this weekend. Expect a full report on the festivities in the coming weeks. On a side note I've got a busy busy schedule ahead of me, since right after this tournament Jess and I are spending a few days in New York City!  A ton of adventure awaits over the next 10 days. Stay tuned!!