Working Out with an NFL Pro and Deep Fried Fit


"DON'T YOU STOP! " He yelled..

We were about 10 minutes into our workout.  There we were..Me, Mai-lyn, and Derrick on our last round  of resistance band jumping jack exercises.  One minute of three quick jumping movements with bands around our ankles.  Needless to say, the burn radiating up and down my legs was intense, and this was just the warm up! 

 "30 Seconds, find your rhythm.."

For the next hour or so, we worked on speed and agility drills.  We used a combination of Speed ladders, foot work, explosiveness, and rhythm.  The burning created by the warmup was a constant theme, but I enjoyed everything we did!  But, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Mai-lyn (aka Deep Fried Fit) invited Derrick and I to a workout led by former NFL Player Jordan Pugh at his gym in Richardson, Texas.  Jordan played for a number of teams in the NFL as a cornerback and safety.  Prior to his NFL career, Jordan played at Texas A&M, posted 212 tackles, and earned an All-Big 12 honorable mention during his senior year. 


That's Jordan Pugh, doing the hitting...

In summary, Jordan is an athletic freak.  More importantly, he knew what it took to compete at the highest levels of sport.  Jordan trains a number of kids who excell at a variety of sports.  Whether its football, basketball, soccer, or lacrosse, the Jordan Pugh's workouts provide all the tools necessary to improve at every level. The one thing he emphasized above all else is body control which makes sense. What good is it to be strong and athletic if you can't control your movement. Building upon this foundation of controlling your body, Jordan's youngest clients are already reaping the benefits. Examples of these future star athletes are posted up on every wall looking down as the three of us continue to suffer well through the warm-up. Back to the workout..



Up next were some wind sprints.  But, unlike my days playing high school basketball and doing endless suicide runs for 10 minutes straight, the emphasis on these sprints was explosiveness...and trying to beat Derrick. I kept it close, but he won 2 out of 3. 



Next up we brought the speed ladder.  Foot work was the name of the game and I couldn't get enough! As a kid growing up playing soccer, ladderwork was always my favorite..probably because I was good at it. Of course, that didn't stop Jordan from coming up with ways to challenge me.  We went forwards, backwards, doing patterns I'd never seen before.  And at the end, we had to catch a football, which was not my strong suit.  But that didn't keep me from enjoying every minute. 

After a few more agility and footwork drills, we ended the day with a push ladder. We start with 5 push-ups, 5 second rest, 10 push-ups, 10 seconds rest...etc. We went to 25 push-ups, then back down, and then back up again.  


If you're ever looking for a great body weight workout to get a nice pump in the chest..this is it.  We were all struggling by the time we went back up to 25 push-ups.  Apparently, when Jordan use to do this he'd go up to 50 push-ups. My chest hurts just thinking about going up that high.  It was nice to get one final burn in a body part that was not my legs.  This was a great workout and I highly recommend going to Jordan for anyone who's looking to improve in sport.  He is experienced, knowledgeable and keeps his workouts fun.  If you want your own sport specific workout with Jordan, check out his site at For more highlights on this workout please check out!