My Fickle History with the Dallas Marathon


This Sunday, I will be running the BMW Dallas Marathon for the first time.  I am super excited, I am super nervous, but I feel ready.  Ever since my Austin Marathon back in February I’ve been seeking redemption.  Granted, I had a lot going on during that marathon, but my performance that day came up short of my expectations.  Since that race, I’ve been training pretty much non-stop.  For 5-6 days a week, some times training twice in one day, I trained up until we crushed the Dallas Spartan Race Ultra Beast in October.  But my eyes remained on the prize.  I wanted to do well for the Dallas Marathon, I want to set a new personal best.


Here’s the problem with me and the Dallas Marathon, I’ve registered for this race twice before without making it to race day.  The first time I registered was 4 years ago when just two days before the race, Dallas experienced one of the worst ice storms in the city’s history of ice storms.  Chaos ensued.  Cities like Dallas who experience warmer than usual weather most of the year lose their S#@! When dealing with actual winter weather events.  So, the race was canceled, and they kept my $135 dollar entry fee. I was pissed.  They sent me a T Shirt though..which was donated the next week.   


The second time I registered for the Dallas Marathon was 2 years ago.  I had no one to blame but myself for this one.  I had been doing several spartan races during that year and was training all the time.  Back then, I wasn’t so much focused on mobility and flexibility despite having some nagging tendinitis issues in my knees and quads.  As a result, I developed a bit of IT Band syndrome pain and decided to shut it down 2 weeks before the race.  Later I realized that IT Band pain is something pretty common in runners, and there are ways to manage and get rid of the pain.  But for me, it had gotten to the point where I was hurting with every step.  If only I had taken some preventive measures, which is why today I’m posting a lot more about the mobility work I do every single day.  I’m no spring chicken, and I know my friends are in the same boat.  If I can help one person avoid the pain and frustration that comes from be hurt in the midst of accomplishing a goal..mission complete.   


And so, the third time is a charm.  But it hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing this time around.  Just last week during one of my easy 5k runs around the neighborhood, I experienced one of the worst calf cramps in my life.  Took me a whole week to be able and run a 5k again without pain.  I was so scared as I frantically tried to treat it with self massage and stretching.  I even started to prepare myself mentally for the possibility of dropping out of the race..again.  I hate doing that, setting a mark, investing the time, money, and energy and then be able to even see how much my efforts would pay off.  In another way, the injury forced me to rest this last week, which is pretty much in line with my training schedule as outlined by the book above.  The Runner’s World Race Everything Book by Bart Yasso is good for all types of runners and contains training plans for 5k’s to Ultra Marathons.   


So, after registering for the Dallas Marathon for the 3rd time, it looks like I’ll finally be able to run it.  The weather is going to be in the mid-40s come race time, perfect running weather.  After running a 5k yesterday, I have no residual pain in my calf.  It seems that all the pieces are finally coming together.  Of course, I’m not running this race alone.  Fellow Fitness Bros Derrick, Diep, Rico, Josh, Vu, and Marie are also running the Marathon or Half Marathon Distance, and for some it will be there very first try at these distances.  No doubt, these races can take it toll on you in a variety of ways and make you question all things before and during the race.  But take it from me, that feeling you get as you come across the finish line is unlike anything else, and I can’t wait to experience again this weekend and share in the joy of my friends who will experience themselves.  I am PUMPED!!!


See you at the finish line. 😁