Counting Calories: At A Wedding


Lets be honest, when it comes to weddings, we all indulge.  Whether its the food, the drinks, or the music, I tend to let go of most of my daily inhibitions and just enjoy the moment. I always eat too much, drink more than I plan, and sweat way more than most on the dance floor.  And after each and every wedding I think to myself..just how many calories did I consume at that wedding? Well, it is no longer a mystery! Thanks to Diem and Steven last weekend, their wedding served as the perfect opportunity to put this all to the test. 


Here is how it went down.  First I put on my heart monitor to record how many calories I burn through during the wedding.  I'm also curious how much my heart rate will change throughout the night as the shenanigans progress. Second, I convinced my lovely soon-to-be FiFi Jessica to clean out her purse so we could sneak my food weight scale to measure the quantities of each and every food/drink item served. No doubt, I got some eyes from all parties during the reception.  I imagine looking curiously at a champagne filled glass might warrant that reaction.  But, I persisted and next came the results. 



First of all, some context..I typically consume about 2800-3000 calories per day for my average diet.  For this experiment, I did not place myself on any restrictions and treated this wedding as I would any other wedding.  That means I was usually eating or drinking just about anything put in front of me.  

We spent about 5 hours at reception, and between food and drinks, I consumed 2,246 calories.  


Macros: 59.6g Fat/191.9g Carbs/67.1g Protein


I have a few takeaways from this experiment.  My first reaction is that drinking, specifically dark liquor, has more calories than I imagined.  Just 1 ounce of whiskey typically has about 64 empty calories (meaning there are no fats/carbs/proteins).  For some reason, I didn't think liquor really had any caloric make up.  



Another takeaway is that I burn up a lot of calories just by dancing.   My average heart rate during the festivities was 95 bpm, which is about 25 bpms higher than my resting rate. 


I must go pretty hard while dancing.  My heart rate jumped up to 150 bpms a few times.  No wonder I was sweating pretty bad throughout the night.  Steven and Diem hired a band for their wedding they played some great hits that got everyone, even Steven's mom out shaking that thang on the dance floor. 


Surprisingly, I burned 1523 calories throughout the 5 hours we spent at the reception.  I think my elevated heart rate was mostly because of the dancing, but when I drink my heart rate also tends to increase.  In the end, it made me feel a little better about consuming over 2200 calories in just one sitting.



So Steven and Diem served traditional American food.  The evening started with an Avocado Tuna Tower.  The main course was a duo platter of steak and salmon complimented by whipped potatoes, asparagus, and carrots.  I couldn't help myself, I also had 2 dinner rolls without butter. Finally came the cake, which was delicious. Towards the end of the night, late night snacks were served: French fries and mini milk shakes.  Everything was delicious, definitely cleaned my plate each and every time. 


Overall, my biggest takeaway from the experiment was this: Alcohol makes you eat way more than you should.  Not only did I indulge in the lake night snacks, but Jess and I made a trip to Jack in the Box on our way home from the wedding.  I did not include these calories in the 2200+ I mentioned earlier. 


This is where I get into trouble.  From Jack in the Box, I ate a taco, egg roll, a few onion rings, and a half order of curly fries. In all, these items totaled 800 calories..and I could of eaten more.  


These nights are not typical for me, but they happen on nights where drinking is involved.  Now that I know the true food affects of my actions at a wedding, I wonder how other aspects of my diet change depending on the circumstances.  I foresee a few more of these experiments on the horizon. 


Congratulations Diem and Steven! Everyone had a blast! If you enjoyed this experiment, please like and subscribe below! Also leave me a comment if you would like to see me do this experiment in other scenarios.  Thanks!!