3 Things I Learned Hosting My First Fitness Event: GAINSgiving 2017


Last weekend, I hosted my first ever official fitness event: Gainsgiving 2017.  This event raised money for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico while providing a competitive High Intensity Interval Training workout where the repetitions and performance was tracked and scored against others in the class.  At the end of the day, everyone who participated received a great workout, and we raised over $600 for Hurricane Victims.  But creating and hosting an event like this comes with many challenges.  So, after doing something like this for the first time, I thought it might be beneficial to others if I went through some of the lessons I learned along the way. 

1.  Lean On Your Friends.


My number 1 resource throughout the entire process were my friends, period.  I was able to draw on the experience and wisdom of blogger extrodinaire Mai-Lyn aka DeepFriedFit for advice on how to publicize my event.  My friends at Evolve Fitness were also a huge help in letting us use their facilities and assist in coaching participants through the workout.  Jessica and Derrick were also there every step of the way talking me through all the crazy ideas I had in mind for the event.  My first piece of advice for anyone looking to create any kind of event like this is don’t be afraid to rely on your friends. Without mine, this event would not have been possible.  


2. The Ticket Sales WIll Come. 


We started selling tickets about a month before the event.  I started to needlessly worry a little bit about 2 weeks out when ticket sales weren’t as high as I had hoped.  However, ticket sales went up significantly at the last minute, and we had a full class during the event.   Procrastination is common when people sign up for these kinds of events.  It is important not to overreact. 

3.  When In Doubt, Make It Yourself! 


I was searching high and low for a nice award to provide the top 3 performers of this workout.  Apparently, there isn’t a large demand for trophies or medals specific to a fitness event like Gainsgiving.  So, I decided to make my own awards! I ordered a few 5 pound kettlebells, bought some shinny metallic gold/silver/bronze spray paint, and boom..I got my custom-made fitness trophies.  The process was pretty easy, and the paint takes to the kettlebells and other metal gym equipment pretty well.


Overall, I got such a rush from putting together Gainsgiving, and I plan to keep it going year after year. Putting yourself out there in this way can be scary sometimes, I didn’t know if there were others out there who believed in my idea.  But I also knew that unless I did it, I would be left wondering “what if..” for the rest of my life.  The whole process was scary at times, and I went in not knowing how to do certain things or what to expect.  But, I can honestly say I am a better person overall for it in a multitude of ways.  I know I’ve said this many, many times over the last week, but I can’t help myself one last time.  

Thank you to all those who helped me along the way, and those who participated in the event.  

Can’t wait until the next one.