Spartan Race Dallas Beast 2016

The Spartan Race: Dallas Beast in Glen Rose TX was my introduction to Spartan Racing 4 years ago.  I have ran this race every year since and every year, this race provides a new experience.  This year, I decided to race with a team for the first time.  As I had mentioned in my earlier post about goals, my mission was to finish Top 5 in the team category.  My teammates had the background, experience, and fitness to do it.  The goal seemed easily attainable.  We moved our way to the start line with high expectations, but like all spartan races, the course proved to be more difficult than anticipated. And at the end of the day, our team finished 6th in the team division overall.

There were a number of team obstacles I wasn't prepared for that cost us the 5 minutes that separated us from a Top 5 Finish.  One of the most frustrating team obstacles involved filling a large bucket with pond water that was placed 20 yards from the pond using red solo cups.  Not only did this take forever, but this obstacle came early in the race when most teams were still bunched together.  Because of the terrain, everyone was forced to gather water from the same spot, creating traffic jams and a lot of frustration.  

All the other team obstacles were interesting, and provided a good challenge overall. For some obstacles, we had to harness ourselves to another team-member together while completing obstacles such as the barb wire crawl and balance beam.  Unfortunately, my buddy Derrick was harnessed to me at the wooden balance beam.  It only took 2 steps before I fell, costing both of us 30 burpees.  Other team obstacles included rolling a Bail of Hay back and forth, carrying a large tire on our shoulders.  All these obstacles cost us a bit more time than usual in just it all figuring out.

In the end, I am happy with our performance overall, and I couldn't have asked for better conditions.  My team was stacked and there wasn't really an obstacle besides the spear throw we couldn't complete (well, with exception to my horrible balance on the beam) In the past, I've ran this race in 30 degree weather, or rainy, sloppy, muddy weather.  But this year, it was actually really warm (88 degree high!).  It was also the earliest I'd ever ran the race which helped remove some of the congestion I typically experience on the course.  There was no drama with the parking, race coordination, or course itself, and we so we got out of there by 1:30 p.m. with a few scratches and a nice sunburn.  And finally, it was nice to continue our tradition and end another Dallas Spartan Race with a trip to the Golden Corral. This time, we got there in time for breakfast…french toast FTW!

Oh..and let the burped count begin.. 

End of the year Burpee total: 100