A Busy Weekend

What a great weekend! It started with a long run on Katy Trail in Uptown Dallas, my old stomping grounds.  After breakfast, got a good lift session in with focus on chest to make progress toward my 300 lbs. bench goal.  Saturday evening was filled with home furnishing errands and chores, including the time ever I've painted a wall! The next day, Jessica and I went rock climbing/bouldering for the first time ever while celebrating our friend's birthday.  It was a long weekend thanks to Columbus day, so I began my day off with a rebel fitness session with A Tribe Called "We Run Big D". I really like running with this group, but it required a 4 a.m. wake-up and a 45 minute car ride to downtown Dallas.  Then I finished the day with some few pick up games with the guys at the church.  It was a fun filled weekend for sure, but I am definitely feeling the affects today and that got me thinking about a few things..

I lead a busy life.  My job is both challenging and travel-intensive.  My drive to exercise is severe, borderline extreme.  I enjoy spending time with friends, and catching up with family and loved ones.  Most importantly of all, I look forward to coming home to Jessica, my other half, and continue working on our new home, building a better story together.  Juggling all of these things becomes tricky at times, not to mention the occasional extraordinary circumstance that throws yet another ball in to the mix.  Perhaps it's too ambitious to think I can do so much all the time.  I definitely don't get enough rest.  Even on days off, there's a reminder going off in my head: "You are wasting daylight, time to get moving..".  Sometimes I wonder if this is me just getting older, that my inability to sleep-in and disdain for wasting time is a sign of my waning youth.  Other times, I think it might have something to do with my childhood. 

When I was a kid, my life was filled with all sorts of activity.  By the time I entered the second grade, my weeks were jammed packed. We started the week on Mondays with Judo lessons. Next, came with Basketball practice on Tuesdays.  Wednesdays required piano practice, my least favorite at the time.  Thursdays were dedicated to soccer practice.  The weekends were often a combination of soccer games, judo tournaments, basketball leagues, or Piano recitals.  Friday was the only break I got, which I usually spent watching the TGIF Line Up on ABC.  I say "we" because I thank my parents for this part of my life; it had to have been exhausting, dealing with such an energetic kid.  Once I could drive, my desire to experience everything life had to offer only grew.  High school was just as busy, and college was the same story.  Class, sports, part-time jobs, friends, clubs, relationships, I wanted to do it all.  

My mom was the first person to point it out.  "You are doing too much," she would say, "If you keep on like this, you will burn yourself out."  I would always respond with my head lowered while muttering, "I know mom, you're right.." and carry on with the constant busyness that I crave.  I never really listened to her back then.  I know she's right..as much as I loved this last weekend, the stress and fatigue created was somewhat unnecessary and self-inflicted.  So, although it is not one of my goals for 2016, it will be something I work on going forward: Balance.  Balance in life, and balance in fitness.  What exactly that means is something I still struggle to figure out, but it's time to start the conversation.  I'm no spring chicken, and my body is definitely feeling the affects of the weekend today.  Maybe it's time I finally listen to moms, and take care of my body..before its too late.  Stay Tuned!