“You dream. You plan. You reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.”

- Michael Phelps

Alright so some updates on my 2016 goals thus far, I found a workout plan specific to improving your bench press max! This plan slowly develops the max bench press over 6 weeks by 5 lbs per week.  This plan would have me complete my goal just in the knick of time before year end, assuming my current one rep max is at least 270 (which might be a stretch, but we will find out!).

So the plan I found seems to be pretty popular and the premise is this: you have 3 bench days split in to heavy, moderate, and light workloads. Heavy days are all big weight, low reps. Next is a light day which provides just enough weight and reps to keep the gainz while allowing your chest to reset. And the third workout is comprised of more reps over fewer sets, working more endurance than strength within each set. Along with each bench workout, there's 1 or 2 additional chest exercises to supplement the bench work. Overall, a pretty straight forward plan. I just hope I can find a bench press during my upcoming travels. Unfortunately, holiday inns haven't caught on to installing a proper bench in their hotels yet.

Next weekend the Dallas Spartan Beast is finally here! Me, Derrick, and some friends from Wichita will be running in the Team Competitive Division.  The goal here is to finish in the top 10 within the division, and I think we got the team to do it! Derrick and I have been racing Spartan for years now and have finished the Dallas Beast three times. My other teammates Devin and Kendal have raced a variety of ocrs (obstacle course races) over the last few years and have trained extensively on the obstacles and climbing techniques necessary to dominate any Spartan obstacle.  We got this!! But the one thing I'm worried about is this...

The gross mess that was last year's Dallas Spartan Beast.

The gross mess that was last year's Dallas Spartan Beast.

Last year, torrential downpours the night before the race turned the entire course into a field of mush much like what you see here.  I absolutely hated it.  Not only was it difficult to get any sort of momentum or rhythm going during the race, but the course was also shortened, and obstacles were removed.  Really, the sloppy joe-ness of the terrain just really put a damper on things for me.  The forecast current has the same story in store for this year, I really hope it's wrong.  Either way, I do feel better prepared and much, much more motivated. I'll just have to duck tape my shoes to my feet extra well this year.  Let's do this!